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A Gluttonous Moment in Grand Mirage Resort Bali

You have not visited Bali if you have not tasted Balinese cuisine. The hot and salty spices sensation comes with every bite of Bali food. If you are curious enough to taste it, you can join the Balinese Village buffet dinner in a Bali all-inclusive resort, Grand Mirage Resort & Thalasso Bali. Balinese Village buffet dinner is a weekly event presented by this leading resort to introduce Balinese cuisine and art to the guests. What are the special things about this buffet dinner?

Food & Beverages

The dishes are neatly classified to some stalls spreading out on the Rama Stage area: stall for vegetables, soup, suckling pig, and dessert. The food is from the hand of the seasoned Executive Chef, Matthew Wood, and his Indonesian kitchen team who carefully cook based on the original recipe of the dishes. Balinese Chicken soup, vegetable, suckling pig- they will give you the real gastronomic experiences in Bali.

Not only Balinese cuisine, this buffet dinner also offers Indonesian cuisine such as beef rendang, fried rice, and chicken satay. The desserts, local snacks, are exceptional as well.



Everybody is greeted by the woman behind the reception desk of the dinner who he or she has to check the seat numbers with. It is true that Bali is renowned for its friendly people as all the staff there, from reception to cashier, are smiley. Moreover, they are responsive enough to clean the table when you are done with your food and drink.



Taking place in front of an open stage on the seashore of Indian Ocean makes the atmosphere of the buffet dinner more relaxing. The ambiance with the soothing breeze and crushing wave sound around remind everybody that they are on holiday- the time to break all the routines.



Grand Mirage Resort & Thalasso Bali tries to open the guests’ eyes to the art performances in Bali. During the dinner which starts at 7 pm on Saturday, there is a Rindik performance- a group of men playing traditional music instruments that are made from bamboos.

On top of that, the Bali resort presents a traditional Balinese dance, Kecak. It is a performance combining Ramayana story and trance ritual. This art performance was initiated by a German painter, Walter Spies who was inspired by trance ritual in a village. Then he worked together with Balinese dancer to mix it with Ramayana story.

The Balinese Village night in Grand Mirage Resort & Thalasso Bali is designed to depict Bali in a wonderful way. It presents awesome Bali nature, spicy Balinese cuisine, beautiful art performances, and Balinese people kindness.

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5 reasons to make Samabe your Five Star Luxury Villas destination for your next Bali holiday.

Exotic holiday in the tropics of Indonesia’s premier holiday island of Bali is what dreams are made of. Sun, surf and sandy beaches, it’s just a perfect place to relax and forget the pressures of your daily troubles. Choosing your luxury Bali villas accommodation for a perfect holiday may not be so easy. Samabe Bali Suites and Villas, a luxury resort on the southern edge of the island, can make your tropical holiday complete.

lobby1 lobby3 luxury-private-villa8 luxury-private-villa13

Stunning view

Due to its location Samabe offers some of the most amazing ocean views in Bali. The resort is positioned on a cliff top and it’s been designed to highlight the spectacular panorama from anywhere within its grounds. Breathtaking sunrise over the sparkling blue waters of the Indian Ocean is just the way to start your day.
pool-view1 pool-view2 luxury-private-villa10

Peace and privacy

Away from the hustle and bustle of the main tourist hot spots, yet just 30 minutes drive from the airport, Samabe extends across 8 hectares of Nusa Dua’s prime holiday real estate, so it never seems crowded or overrun by guests. You feel like you’re one of a very few people there, even when the resort is fully booked. Secluded private beach gives you a chance to relax and enjoy the sun without people trampling all over you. And if you want some complete peace and quiet, your suite or villa with a private pool, should you choose to have one, provides the perfect sanctuary away from any other living soul.



Relaxing atmosphere

Staying at Samabe you know you are on a true holiday, it’s all about R&R and slowing down the pace. It starts from breakfast, which you can have at any time of the day and anywhere you want to, so there is no early morning rush to run down to the buffet before the breakfast service stops. Then throughout the whole day you will be offered your favourite juices, soft drinks and fruits. Resort’s award winning Galangal Spa is a great place to unwind and get a great massage or spa treatment, or maybe enjoy a few yoga lessons to recharge your batteries.

Spa treatment at Galangal Spa Samabe Bali Spa Amenities

Impeccable service

Always smiling and always ready to help, the resort staff members are subtle and non-intrusive in their manner, yet they are proactive to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Booking the all inclusive package, among a number of privileges, you will be provided with a limo transfer from and back to the airport, and your own butler, who will look after all your needs and desires. You are the VIP. And if you happen to arrive before the check in, you will not be left in the lobby waiting, as you will have the full use of the customer lounge area, where you can watch a movie, read a book or have a shower after your long flight.

butler-service2 butler-service3

Always something to do

If lazing around on a tropical beach or by the pool is not enough, Samabe offers a growing number of activities and attractions. You may take advantage of the free water sport equipment hire, like kayaks, snorkelling gear, catamarans, or windsurf boards. You can take part in a variety of cultural lessons and activities, go on a tour or a cruise, go deep sea fishing, play a game of golf or tennis, see a traditional stage show or theatre, and much, much more. Your butler will make all the necessary arrangements and bookings; just let him know what you want to do.

Windsurf Samabe Yoga Class

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Experience the New Luxury at Wolgan Valley Resort, Australia

Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa is located just 190 kilometers from Sydney in New South Wales, Australia. Despite its remote location the place is remarkably accessible. The region is famous for the World Heritage Site that is The Blue Mountains, best known for their incredible sandstone plateau, deep gorges, rolling foothills and the rich populations of Eucalyptus trees. The Wolgan Valley Resort was built in the heart of it all along 400 acres of eco-friendly natural surroundings. This luxurious resort consists of 40 suites, each with their own terrace and swimming pool, and it was built using today’s cutting technology with a special attention to the original heritage architecture, which allows the place to blend seamlessly with the vastness and dramatic beauty of the Australian bush.




The resort provides its client with the best possible services. The spa offers a broad selection of holistic treatments and therapies from all around the world and there are plenty of outdoor activities for everyone who wants to explore the surroundings. Horse riding, wildlife safari and historical tours are just a few of the fun activities you can choose from.







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