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Best Spa centers from Europe

Spa Quintessence from San Lawrenz Kempinski Hotel in Malta, is a refugee for the tourists that want to create an equilibrium in their lives with the help of nature remedies. The treatments that are practiced in this resort are extremely efficient and those that come here to enjoy a SPA session will be able to feel younger and more relaxed.

elakkizhi-treatment-at-the-kempinski-spa-gozo (more…)

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The Spa City

The crowdie days of the city just seem too much for your daily routine, and during the weekends you would like to go somewhere far from all this. Budapest can offer you some possibilities to have relaxing moments in your free time and away from the city rush. It is by all means, nicknamed – the Spa City. This is mainly due to the fact that it is the only big town in the world that has many thermal wells and ever since the year 1934 it was surnamed like this.Lion Statue Overlooking Old City ca. 2001 Budapest, Hungary (more…)

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Mandarin Oriental Chiang Mai – Majestic, Inspiring, Unforgettable

Mandarin Oriental Chiang Mai is not just a wonderful resort located in the northern Thailand , but it is also an architectural masterpiece. This breathtaking place was designed in order to  reflect the architectural history of the Lanna region, containing lots of oriental motifs. It lays on 60 acres of natural surroundings, being formed of scores of villas and colonial suites. The hotel offers many high-class facilities such as amazing spa, exquisite accommodation and a variety of fantastic restaurants.
When planning their leisure activities, the guest should consider the daily oriental cooking lessons, the traditional thai activities and demonstrations, the shopping facilities or the gigantic library containing over 5000 books.chiang-mai-main (more…)

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Timeless Elegance. Ritz Carlton, San Francisco

Located in the heart of San Francisco, right next to the Fischerman’s Wharf and the Union Square, the Ritz Carlton offers the delight of a traditional elegant hotel, suited for both business or pleasure. The hotel is a center of relaxation right in the middle of all that is important in the city. Book your stay here and you will be close to all of  San Francisco’s important events, best restaurants and coolest clubs.Timeless Elegance. Ritz Carlton, San Francisco (more…)

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Beautiful Meadwood. Napa Valley

One of the best luxury resorts in Napa Valley offers an amazing experience for all of those who pass its gates. Luxurious apartments, cozy cottages with romantic fireplaces, and decks overseeing the forest, are just a little part of what this resort has to offer. Either you come on your honeymoon or for a holiday with your family, the resort offers cool activities for everybody.Beautiful Meadowood. Napa Valley (more…)

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