3 Top Places To Visit In Switzerland

There’s no more luxurious travel destination than the Central European nation of Switzerland. One of the first nations to embrace democracy after the fall of the Roman Empire, Switzerland has a long history of neutrality, tolerance, and pacifism. Travelers to this wondrous nation admire its stunning scenery, ancient architecture, luxury brands, and delicious chocolate.

Although Switzerland has been greatly influenced by the bordering nations of France, Germany, Italy, and Austria, the approximately 8.2 million people that now call Switzerland home are proud of their distinct heritage. The Swiss welcome millions of tourists from around the world each year to check out their homeland’s many treasures. Most of them, like you, probably well prepared for their trip to Switzerland.

In this post, we’ll go through a few of the best places to see in three of the most popular Swiss tourist destinations.


For those looking to come to Switzerland just to ski, the resort village of Davos may be just what you need. Located in the eastern portion of the country, Davos is now known for hosting world leaders at the World Economic Forum each year. Davos is officially the largest resort in all the Alps, with over 50 ski lifts and 320 km of slopes. In addition to skiing, guests here can skate in one of Davos’ two skating rinks, snowboard, snowshoe, or simply drink a beer at one of the highest elevation breweries in the world.


Located near the border with France, Geneva is best known today for the central role it plays in world diplomacy. Geneva first rose to prominence in Europe as a major center for Protestant thought, especially after John Calvin settled here in the mid-1500s. But the main reason tourists flock to Geneva has nothing to do with politics or religion; instead, most visitors come here to enjoy the natural splendor of Lake Geneva.

With picturesque mountains behind it, Lake Geneva is made even more spectacular by the powerful Jet d’Eau water fountain. The Jet d’Eau shoots water 140 meters into the air 24/7, plus it’s lit up each and every night. After taking in the full majesty of Lake Geneva, you’ll probably want to visit the Cathédrale St-Pierre to learn more about Geneva’s rich religious history.

Near the cathedral you’ll find the Old Town district where the famous writer Jean-Jacques Rousseau was born. There are also plenty of old antique shops and cafés all around this cobblestone district. Finally, for those interested in world diplomacy, you can take a tour of the Palais des Nations. This building was the original home of the League of Nations and now serves as a headquarters for the UN.

These are just a few of the top attractions you must see in this first-class Swiss city.


Art lovers and shopaholics will most likely love the northern city of Zürich. Located alongside Lake Zürich, this major financial hub is officially the largest city in Switzerland. The finest art museum in all of Zürich is without a doubt the Museum of Art. This museum houses works from the 1600s till today. Here you’ll find works by Vincent van Gogh, Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, and Claude Monet, just to name a few.

Once you’ve had your fill of the art world, head on over to the Swiss National Museum to learn more about the history of this astonishing nation. For adventurous souls, head on up the 2,850-foot Uetliberg Mountain. Once your reach the summit of the Uetliberg, you’ll be treated to a panoramic view of Zürich as well as the Swiss Alps.

After you’re finished exploring Zürich, why not take a break in one of the hundreds of world-renowned bars spread out all around this city? There’s always something to do or see in this electrifying Swiss city, so be sure to check it out soon.

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