Going On A Casino Crawl, Where Is Best To Visit?

More than 250,000 people visit casinos from all over the world when they go on holiday. Vegas, in particular, is very popular for lads weekends and stag parties. So if you fancy a break from a traditional sightseeing or sandy beach holiday, then there is not a better time to perfect your poker face and plan a casino based holiday of your own.

You might think that after playing internet poker for a while, that you are potential hustler material, but who knows? There is a big difference between online and offline poker. Take a look at this awesome infographic showing the differences (online vs offline poker).

… Here are some of the top casino tourist spots in the world:


Gambling has been legal since the 1850’s in Macau when the Portuguese government legalised it when they were an autonomous colony. Today, Macau is known as the Monte Carlo of the Orient, and today gambling is the biggest source of the revenue to the area. The Golden Dragon Casino is the most recognisable of the 33 casinos in the area, especially since it featured in the 2012 Bond movie Skyfall, and the fact of the matter is that it looks just as incredible in real life as it does on the silver screen. The golden Dragon is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They boast more than 130 slots, 120 gaming machines, 80 gaming tables and 15 VIP rooms. Guests can relax in of the 483 deluxe suites, 84 of which have breathtaking views of the harbour.

Las Vegas

Unless you go for yourself, you may never know what happens in Vegas. In fact, Sin City is most known for the wide range of casinos in the area, especially Trump International, venture of tycoon, and now President Elect, Donald Trump. As well as all of the countless casinos, Las Vegas is well known for the nightlife and entertainment in terms of the clubs and the various shows that are on offer all of the time.

Monte Carlo

Monaco has been a big staple in the gambling world thanks the Monte Carlo Casino that opened over 150 years ago. Like the Golden Dragon, Monte Carlo also has ties to James Bond and the world of movies. Ian Fleming used the exterior of this casino to describe the fictions resort of Royale-Les-Eaux, which featured in his debut 1953 novel Casino Royale. Furthermore, many casinos in Monaco were used as locations for Goldeneye and, the only unofficial Bond movie, Never Say Never Again. Monte Carlo Casino is also one of the many casinos used in Oceans Twelve, the sequel to the Oceans Eleven remake.


Dating all the way back to 1638 where is has been recognised as the world’s first ever casino. The term ‘Ridotto’ means ‘to close off’ or ‘make private’, and the Ridotto was a private wing if the Palazzo Dandolo in Venice. Although the Ridotto was open to the public, because of the high stakes and formal dress code, very few people could afford to go, and anyone not dressed appropriately was refused entry. The Ridotto was closed as a casino in 1774, but although you can’t go there to play, it is still well worth a visit as a tourist attraction.

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