Explains Complaints Against Timeshare

On holiday, we meet people who really love their timeshares, others have complaints.

One of the most common complaints I hear about traveling is the cost. Transportation, accommodations, food and excursions can all add up fairly quickly if you’re not careful. That’s why when I recently received a promotion in the mail offering a free 3-day vacation to Cancun in exchange for attending a 2-hour timeshare presentation, I decided to consider it before just throwing it away. I’ve heard about these things before and wanted to be sure I did my research before committing to anything, so I decided to consult the timeshare resale professionals at for advice. They were most helpful, and you can see our conversation below.

Diana: Howdy, thanks for taking the time to speak with me. It’s our pleasure Diana.

Diana: I have no idea what a timeshare is, but I like the idea of a free vacation, what’s the catch? Good question, and good for you for being skeptical. Once we’re done here you’ll have a really good idea of why you’re being offered 3-days free in Cancun. You see, timeshare companies use these marketing tactics all of the time to lure vacationers to their resort. For the most part, the promotion is legitimate, but make sure to read the fine print. Sometimes you can be led to believe that you’ll be staying at the resort pictured on the promotional marketing piece, only to be taken somewhere else that is not nearly as luxurious.

Diana: The mailer I received doesn’t mention anything like that, but I’ll call them to verify. Even if I’m sent somewhere else, how do these companies afford to pay for 3-day vacations? If they sell you a timeshare, it will be worth it to them. When you buy a timeshare from a resort like the one in the promotion, up to 50% of its cost is used to pay for marketing promotions like the one you received, sales commissions and staff overhead.

Diana: Interesting, so you’re saying I can take advantage of the promotion without buying the timeshare? Absolutely.

Diana: Should I buy the timeshare? Are they a good deal? What exactly is it? A timeshare is a piece of vacation time, usually one or two weeks, at a resort or condominium. When you buy a timeshare you’re buying a specific time period that you can stay at the resort or condominium each year or every other year. Depending on the timeshare, that time period can stay the same each year or be changed. Additionally, a timeshare can be exchanged for a different resort through exchange networks like RCI and II or points programs offered through timeshare brands like Hilton, Disney, Marriot and more.

In regards to if they’re a good deal or not, that will depend on the timeshare brand, your vacation goals and, most importantly, whether or not you purchased the timeshare on the resale market. When you purchase a timeshare from an existing owner on a resale market such as you save up to 50% off the price you’d pay at the resort because you’re not paying for the resort’s marketing promotions, sales commissions or staff.

Like any large purchase, make sure to do your research before buying anything.

Diana: What will the timeshare presentation be like? The presentation will likely be high pressure and exhausting. This is one of the top complaints about timeshare, and is one of the reasons many people do not take advantage of promotional offers like the one you received. It is common for timeshare salespeople to make offers that will “expire” within the hour if you do not buy. You will also likely talk to a few different salespeople before you’re permitted to leave. Just remember, no matter what is being offered to you, the resale market of will almost always have a lower price.

Diana: What are some other common complaints about timeshare? Aside from the high-pressure sales tactics, many owners have complaints against the annual maintenance fees that come along with a timeshare. Sometimes these maintenance fees can increase unexpectedly. Additionally, a complaint of points programs in general is that you can’t always book the resort and location that you want.

Diana: What are some benefits of timeshare? A resale timeshare can be a great option for those who travel with large groups, with kids or with other couples. Most timeshare units come equipped with a fully equipped kitchen and private bedrooms. The kitchen can save everyone a lot of money on dining costs and the private bedrooms come in handy when a little privacy is needed.

Diana: Thanks I think I have enough info now. Sure thing. If you remember only one thing while you’re going through the presentation, just remember that if you buy resale you save up to 50% off the cost you’re being presented at the resort.

Wrapping Up

Sounds like I should take advantage of the free vacation offer, but make sure to check out the resale market of before buying anything. The reviews I’ve come across have all looked good so far, including a positive review from, which was originally highly skeptical of a rip off scheme. Maybe after I tour the resort I’ll check out what has to offer, but for now I’m just going to enjoy my free vacation.


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