Holiday in beautiful Nicosia

The summer holiday is more than just staying in the sun and getting tanned. It means culture, meeting new people and enjoying novelties. Therefore, Nicosia, from Cyprus is a wonderful choice for such a holiday break.

Walking in South Nicosia one will see at one point that he is at a frontier passing point: some old barrels painted in white and blue and above them a kind of mini – house where a guy stays and guards this place. It is a frontier that splits the city and the country in two – the green line.
A city, two countries
The days one spends in Cyprus one needs to visit Nicosia as well. It is an important part of this country and of history. This is the last divided city from Europe. From Larnaca one gets in maximum one hour in Nicosia. In the old part of it there are buildings that seem to be falling apart under the hot rays of sun, clothes sold at the street corners, colored people, right steer cars, a well-known English language no matter the age and signs of different stores that seem from hundreds of years ago. At noon time the streets are deserted.
A ridiculous border
On the painted barrels one can see some flags and a hand written sign stating that it is forbidden to take photos. Moving forward one will see another part with barrels with signs about the photo taking and another man. Further on, is the border – the Turkish one and are just a few steps away from the Turkish Cypriots. Here one will have to fill in a three rows note with the personal details, you will have to show the passport and then receive a visa on the spot.
On the other side
On the other side one will see many minarets and beautiful gardens. They are wonderful and seem like just asking to be visited. The Selimiye Mosque is one mosque you will have to visit. It has a rather gothic architecture and you will find out that it used to be the initial Agia Sofia Cathedral.
The Northern Nicosia looks more dreadful than the South one. The buildings are all white, the language and the money are Turkish, the faces are burnt by the sun, and there are many small mosques with shadowy and quiet gardens. This country is totally Turkish – is the world of mosques and Turkish desserts.
Things to know before embarking on such a trip:

Altogether one can easily use the Euro money. Despite of the fact that the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is not a recognized state, it uses the Turkish pound. It anyhow, uses the Euro as well. In the South Nicosia one can visit the Cyprus Museum, the Byzantine Museum, the Ledra Observatory Museum, the Motorcycles Cypriot Museum and the House of Hadjigeorgakis Kornesios. In the North Nicosia one can see the Selimiye mosque, the Kyrenia Gate and the Museum of Barbarism.

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