Getting to know Albania

Albania borders Montenegro and a trip through Montenegro, can easily make you pass through the northern Albania, and get to know some of the sights here, as well. Shkodra is the city from the northern Albania that borders Montenegro. Therefore, some of the traditions and cultures are rather similar.

Anyhow, what really are not similar are the sights there and things to do. This bordering city will not offer you too much but will surely make an opinion about Albania and whether it is a country worth visiting. The center of the city is rather dull and offers a sad view – a rather bad looking artesian fountain, the Rozafa hotel – which really looks like a communist building and an improvised type of train station nearby.
One of the first sights you will be able to visit here is the Rozafa Castle. It is just 2 kilometers walk from downtown and if you feel like you can – one can easily climb to there. It is opened from 8AM till 10PM and it has different admission fees for foreigners in comparison to the locals – how you prove to be a local, I don’t really know …

The next day one can move on and go towards the Lake Koman. You can get to Lake Koman by ferry. The ferry should be taken from an embarking point – 2 hours’ drive from the city.
The famous ferry is actually an old bus look like that someone thought of putting it on the water. Everything is green around the lake, a wild gorge that bring a smile to people’s faces. On the ferry it is wither hot or cold, depending where is your position. Fierzë, the final destination is a place with nothing actually to offer you. Anyhow, the trip is nice and descending on Fierzë will grant you the possibility to Bajram Curri by car.
This is a mountain region at the border with Kosovo. Having spent some hours visiting it as well, one can move on to the Prizren, Kosovo. It is a 2 hours’ drive and the admission fee is of 1000 LEK.
From one country to the other…However, comparing the two countries, Kosovo will seem a paradise unlike Albania. Here the people breathe fresh air, drink their coffee on the shore of the river that crosses the city and treat people nicely.
Prizren is an alive city, where people go out in the old center of the city – Shadervan. Here one can see Muslim buildings, mosques and sinuous streets. Up on the hill, at the citadel, one can admire the sunset and enjoy a full day here.

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