Easter eggs traditions

Easter is coming and some people prepare for this wonderful holiday. Easter in the Christian traditions signifies the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is the time when each of the Christians is celebrating and are aware of the power that God has.

In Romania this holiday one uses to dye the eggs. This is the Easter symbol and the red egg signifies the blood of Jesus Christ when he was crucified. This is the main color that people give to their Easter eggs. It is also believed that red is a color that brings luck. Some people dye it with special egg pain and some with red onion leaves.
Anyhow, in the Ciocanesti village from Romania women do more than just dye them, they actually paint each egg and each is unique and beautifully colored. Before Easter in Ciocanesti there is the National Festival of the Painted Eggs. Here women from the entire country, especially from the Moldavia region are expected to show their greatness in putting on the egg what they feel and whet Easter means to them.

They can paint different images of Christ, the national port lines, the Golgota Mountain and many other Biblical scenes. If you wanttb o see something both original and special, you are expected at this festival around Eastern time. Enjoy!

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