Among temples and tombs

The Valley of the Kings is just a small part from what you can see in Luxor.

This city splits in the East Bank and the West Bank. The East Bank is believed to be the city of the alive people and the West Bank the city of the dead. On the west shore there are the tombs of the pharaohs and kings and noblemen but as well the mortuary temples – such as the one of Hatshepsut.
In order to get to the Valley of the Kings one has to cross the Nile first and then going out of Luxor towards the Valley of the Kings. Here one is not allowed to take any photos, inside or outside. The area is very dry and the mountain looks like a wave of sand and stone. Out of over 60 tombs that are there one can only visit eleven of them. However, the prices of the tickets are quiet high and one should look at what tombs one wants to visit. The prices differ according to the tomb.
After you visit all the tombs that you feel like, one can stop at a shop and do some shopping. The shop is an alabaster one and has a store where two Egyptians demonstrate how can one work with an alabaster. This is a sort of gyps which has a transparent marble aspect. They use to make all kinds of statues and vases out of it.
The Hatshepsut temple is a mortuary temple that was used just once for balsamine the queen. Up, from the last terrace one can see the Nile surrounded by much green – put in high contrast to the golden of the desert.

The temple of Medinet Habu is more beautiful than the previous one. It is the mortuary temple of Ramses the 3rd and it has the deepest hieroglyphs from the entire Egypt. This is one of the last interesting temples, but one can as well visit the tombs of the noble people, which are rather interesting. Unlike the tombs of the pharaohs, those of the nobles are more human. They have frescoes of carpenters and painters.
The Memnons statues are the only ones that can be seen without having to pay a fee as they are in open air. Enjoy!

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