A holiday in Bavaria

Bavaria is one of those places that will leave you hanging there and not wanting to leave it. Fussen is one of the locations Bavaria has to enchant you with. What everyone knows about this place is that here one can see the Neuschwanstein Castle.

When coming here the landscape will leave you breathless. The Alps begin to show one the spectacular views. A day or two is enough to be able to enjoy this beautiful location. It is a place where one can see the two wonderful castles – the Neuschwanstein and the Hohenschwangau one.
If you want to take a more interesting trip one can rent a bike and climb up to the castles with it. However, despite that it is a faster mean of transportation than just to walk up to the castles one can as well choose walking. Prior to visiting them it is good that you buy the tickets from the tickets office located in the Hohenschwangau village. Despite the village is a rather small mountain village, the prices are as big as the importance of the castles.

Fussen is a medieval city that conquers you at a glimpse. It has beautiful buildings, stony streets, terraces all over the place and restaurants where one can enjoy the Bavarian Specialties. Apart from the castles above one can as well visit the Hohes Schloss and the old Benedictine monastery – Saint Mang.
While not many people know this city is crossed by a small river. Having a stroll along the river one can take beautiful photos and have some relaxing time. Enjoy!

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