Old and New Bucharest

Visiting Romania implies a degree of patience on the roads here. However once you are here you will not be sorry of giving it a try. It can offer you both traditional and modern views of life.

Bucharest is the capital of Romania and the biggest city here. Many companies all over the world, many Embassies have their office in Romania, in Bucharest. The reasons are various including the one that the many universities from Bucharest prepare very well to be hard workers. Here one can as well find the most important institutions in Romania and many artistic values. Once this country was freed from the communism; the freedom of speech and of expressing oneself, flourished. This way, people developed a good theatrical team.
The National Theater from Bucharest was emblematic for the Romanian culture. It was founded in 1852 and it used to play different pieces from the Romanian writers. It also used to have great directors and actors. Nowadays it remained the same important institutions, where the pieces played here are very well put in scene and are played by the great actors that the universities have prepared. The entire building has more than 2000 places for the public that loves a good show. Apart from this it remained an imposing building in Bucharest.
Another theater here is the Bulandra one. This is “younger” than the previous one, with around 100 years less. In the 80’s it used to be a theater were the big and important people used to go for some quality time. From the 90’s forward it imposed itself among the other theaters in Bucharest through the modern ways they decided to put the plays in scene.

The Nottara Theater is a traditional theater that was built with the Army budget. Therefore, it was known as being the Army Theater where all the important people in the Army and not only used to spend their free time. It used to play easy pieces as well as many comedies. The public was everyone that wanted to enjoy a good time without much focus. It is not that big as it has just almost 500 places but its plays are appreciated up to nowayadays.
The Comedy Theater is younger than all the above, as it was founded in 1961. It was mainly destined to all the comedies types such as – classic comedies, parodies, black comedies etc. nowadays it hosts many shows such as the Romanian Comedy Festival, The Romanian Comedy Festival and as well the Romanian Comedy Gala. In such stressful times, this theater and all the festivals and galas it organizes are a real treat for the youngsters and not only.
Another “old” theater in Bucharest that deserves to be mentioned is the Small Theater. It is known as playing provocative pieces.
The Odeon Theater used to be known as the CFR Giulesti Municipal Theater. The glorious period began after 1990 when great directors came and brought their knowledge and experience on the stage – Alexander Hausvater. Innovative projects based on the tendency to shock the public are used to be shown on its stage.
The Jewish State Theater was first inaugurated in Iasi, and then moved to Bucharest. The plays that are put in scene here are those of Jewish writers such as Salom Alehem, S. Ansky and many others but as well some plays that are written by Romanian play writers. They have as well many shows that are held annually here such as the International Festival of Idis language theater, the Idis Cultural Festival etc.
Another important theater in Bucharest is the Metropolis one. It is a rather old one but it has a recent history. This is the place where young directors develop their skills and put their plays in scene.
The little ones have three different theaters to enjoy art. They are the Excelsior Theater, the Tandarica Theater and the “Ion Creanga” Theater. Here they can see classic plays as well as contemporary ones.
The Masque Theater is one that has a special place in the art life of Bucharest. It was founded in the early 1990s by the actors that used to perform on streets, at the corners, in the parks. Here one can see improvisations and a different way of acting, not so organized. The actors make shows that have no linguistic barriers, they use gestures a lot, and they use a lot of movement and the dellarte comedy elements.
Enjoy the cultural life in Bucharest!

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