Enjoy a romantic rain and Salzburg

Salzburg is a city that worth’s being visited. It is mainly small, grandiose and rainy. You have either to be very lucky to have a sunny and warm day here or to come here in the middle of the summer. It is known as a rainy city since the Sound of Music movie.

Anyhow, no one can imagine how rainy it is, until one comes here. No rainy day can ruin a holiday in Salzburg as it is a beautiful city. While being in a city break here one may not catch exactly the few sunny days they have here, but the touristic places to visit will replace the bad weather that may be.
The Hohensalzburg castle is one of the – to visit places on the list. It is located on the top of the Festungsberg Mountain, over 500 meters high. Its medieval towers and the massive walls can be seen from wherever you may be in the city. The first fortress that was raised here was in 1077. Actually it was just an interior yard surrounded by a wooden fence. In time, the fortress became a powerful castle.
Once you are here one has to see the World of the Puppets as well. This is a small museum where one can try his abilities of playing with the puppets. You can try and have the control of a puppet and create your own show.
To get to the castle one can use the funicular or by foot. While you climb by foot you will enjoy the beautiful views of the city. It will take around 20 minutes, depending if you are in a hurry or you want to savor the views.
The cathedral from Salzburg is another touristic point worth visiting. For those that do not know – it is the place where Mozart was baptized. It is impressive through its dimensions and it is built in a baroque style. Its dome has a height of 71 meters.

While Mozart was born here, there is as well a house and a museum of him in this city. It is located on Getreidegasse at number 9 and it has different objects that belonged to Mozart himself. The museum here is the most popular place in Salzburg. Mozart’s ‘Geburtshaus’ guides guests through the original rooms in which the Mozart family lived and presents a range of artefacts, including historical instruments, documents, keepsakes and mementos, and the majority of the portraits painted during his lifetime. This building accommodated a small purveyor back in the days of Mozart. Now, where the Mozart family was once customers, there is a small Spar shop that specializes in produce from the Salzburg region and in exquisite souvenirs. The other is located at Makartplatz at number 8 and it is the place where Mozart lived with his family.
The following touristic point is the Mirabell Palace and Gardens. This palace is believed to have been built buy a price for his lover. The gardens however are the main attraction of this point – they are ones of the most beautiful baroque style gardens.
If you want to add an extra taste of novelty and originality to your trip one can choose to take a ride with the carriage. In spite of the locals that seem to look at you rather grumpy, taking this ride will prove to be a memorable recollection of your trip.
Mozartkugeln are the Mozart special chocolates. They can be found with different flavors such as marzipan, pistachio and nougat. They were invented in 1890 by a man from Salzburg named Paul Fürst. Even though they are sold in other locations and countries, this is their original place and recipe.

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