The three sister countries – Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan – part two

Moving deeper into the Armenia region one can choose the visit the Haghartsin Monastery. It is believed to be a very romantic place unlike the others from Armenia. One will see no village or camps nearby and no ugly parking lot. You will feel like you are in a fairytale place.

As it is that beautiful it seems to be a perfect place for a wedding. It was recently renovated by a rich sheik that saved it from becoming a ruin. The access is free so one should not think of having to pay any amount of money to enter the monastery. Armenia is known for its many monasteries – therefore one can as well visit the Geghard monastery, the monastery from the cave.
A visit to this latest one will seem like going back into the old times of Christianity. It is like an old honeycomb – one enters the church and then through a small door dug in the rock one climbs to the upper floor and discover a window through which one can look down. The atmosphere is completed by a ray of light that goes from over the heads of the believers and dissolves into the darkness from the corners. There is no artificial light in the monastery, therefore, the feeling and the atmosphere remained as in the old days. One should know that this is a UNESCO site since 2000.
Garni is another touristic place one can visit in Armenia. This is a pagan temple, the only one here and it is in a quiet good shape. Like in any other worship place it is built is a beautiful location. Anyhow, it is so hot inside that you will feel like having no air to breathe. All over the temple there are deep precipices.

Moving on to the other location which will prove to be interesting – I do not know how interesting for these days, but in more peaceful days, it sure is – Azerbaijan. Baku, from this country looks like a city in full economic boom. It is similar to the Dubai, but one from Europe.
The Heydar Aliyev Center will leave you breathless. Here you can visit the Old City from Baku where you can see the Flame Towers somewhere in the back. At night time these towers animates like flames – the symbol of Azerbaijan.
As a language – if you know the Russian you will most certainly feel comfortable here and be able to get along with everyone. Anyhow, if you do not know Russian, or Georgian, or Armenian – the sign language can be an option as well. They do not know very good English, but one can manage to get along now and there. The prices will prove not to be very high, like in an exotic place, so you can manage with spending little.

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