The three sister countries – Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan – part one

Travelling in Europe you will be offered many possibilities and many sights to see. However, one should get informed at first in order to be able to take advantage of everything the old continent has to offer you.

Georgia will offer you many picturesque landscapes such as green mountains in the northern part, dry land at the border with Azerbaijan and vineyard hills in Kakheti and a surprising view of the Black Sea. You will see many small and coquette cities such as Tbilisi or Riga or Bratislava. Anyhow, nothing can be compared to Tbilisi. Batumi is the cool city from the border of the Black Sea. While the Romanian sea side wants to be viewed as a cool and five stars location for a seaside holiday, the Batumi becomes more and more developed with sky scrapers and many extravagant restaurants for the tourists.
Tbilisi has all you want – it has old and elegant houses, new and interesting constructions and good food and a far gentler climate than anywhere in this part of the continent. From here one can continue his trip to Kazbegi. If you happen to be by car one should take great care of the way one drives. There are big precipices from one side of the road and many curves. If you want to enjoy the view one should stop for some minutes and take some photos as well as have the view imprinted in your mind. When beginning to descend, one will get to the Kazbegi village. While officially it is not called Kazbegi anymore, it is known as such. Nowadays it is called Stepantsminda.
People come here for the Gergeti – the monastery on the top of the mountain and for the wonderful view. All over you are surrounded by the mountains and the high hills are all year long green. The locals make trips by car for the interested tourists that want to get to the top, but those that do not know this, choose to climb by foot. The monastery is small but it keeps the old rules and traditions- women are not allowed to enter here with their heads uncovered.

If you are here one can as well visit the vineyards from Kakheti. Here one can choose to visit the Sighnaghi city. This is the smallest city from Georgia but it is very picturesque. It still has the defense walls from the 18th century and on some portions one can walk like on a mini Chinese wall with towers from place to place. There is as well a beautiful monastery here to visit – the Bodbe Monastery.
Moving forward to Armenia one should know that this is the poorer and more unlucky of the three countries. The landscape is not as beautiful as in Georgia, the green parts are few; nevertheless they have beautiful and old churches, which look like jewels and a very hot climate. One can visit the Erevan city here. It is a quiet artistic city and as well very hot. It can offer you a rich cultural inheritance as one can visit the Cafesjian Center for the Arts, the Khor Virap monastery or the Noravank one. The Khor Virap monastery is not very big but once you visit it an get out of the monastery one can see a panoramically sight, a golden landscape. The Noravank Monastery is more beautiful than the precious one – it is in the middle of a spectacular gorge dug in deep and reddish rocks and the monastery is on the top of it. It is as well reddish in color. “Vank” means monastery and “Noravank” means New Monastery.
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