Incredible summer yacht days

You have a quiet big budget and are not sure what to choose for the summer holiday? Opting for the Yacht Week in Croatia would be a nice choice for a change. In a course of a week one can have the fun of a lifetime and see many things never seen before and explore many things not explored before.

This is definitely a holiday choice for the single people that want to have fun or for the young couples that enjoy being surrounded by love, dance, music and party. Therefore,, when packing do not even think of taking high heels – this is not the place of being fancy; but do not go for flip-flops either – these just do not seem right on the boat and you might risk losing them. What you can take are some flat snickers that will keep your foot well and dry. What else do you need to pack on you? One should not forget some swimming suits; some tops and shorts that will match, of course; summer dresses; a lights windproof and waterproof jacket for the chilly nights; sunblock and as well a small postman purse, to carry your lipstick, deodorant and money at all times, without incommoding in any way.
They have both winter and summer destinations. The destination for the winter time is the British Virgin Islands and the destinations for the spring and summer time are the Croatia, Greece and Italy. No matter what you choose, the event is one week long and it starts on a Saturday at 4PM; one should be on board around 2PM.
Usually there are two routes to choose from – “the red route” and the “black route”. They are alike; the only thing differentiating them is the departure place. If you want to book you’d better do it fast as the spaces are kind of booked. You can even choose your own yacht skipper. Anyhow, if you do not feel comfortable choosing one, let the Yacht Week assign you one they think its ok. The yachts vary in price and size. Depending on how many friends you are, one should book accordingly.
After you book the yacht you’d better book the flights. The only place from where you can depart is the Split. The Marians are a short drive from the Split airport. One of the islands is the Vis Island. It offers many interesting sites such as gun towers or tunnels through the hills. Komiza is a small village in the Vis Island. Here you will find small boutiques and good ice cream. The beach club is formed here in open air right by the water. It lasts till the last person leaves the dance floor.
If you did not think you would get to Saint Tropez in this lifetime, this is your choice. The Hvar Island is the Saint Tropez of Croatia. All yachts getting here are moored in Palmizana Marina and the beach party following at night, will leave you breathless.

As there are 50 yachts for the Red tour and 50 for the black tour, on Fridays, they arrange a regatta for all the yachts. It is a contest between all the travelers. You will have to prove that you are a keen skipper by then and that you know how to entertain people on board. In 2015 the event dates are the following:
Week 24: 6th June – 13th June, 2015
Week 25: 13th June – 20th June, 2015
Week 26: 20th June – 27th June, 2015
Week 27: 27th June – 4th July, 2015
Week 28: 4th July – 11th July, 2015
Week 29: 11th July – 18th July, 2015
Week 30: 18th July – 25th July, 2015
Week 31: 25th July – 1st August, 2015
Week 32: 1st August – 8th August, 2015
Week 33: 8th August – 15th August, 2015
Week 34: 15th August – 22nd August, 2015
Week 35: 22nd August – 29th August, 2015
Week 36: 29th August – 5th September, 2015
Choosing this kind of holiday is a unique experience and will by far develop all your socializing and competing skills as well as your survival ones. It is how you make it to be, what you are given are the basics – Dinghy, outboard engine & gasoline, GPS & nautical charts, sheets, blankets & towels and stereo & cockpit speakers. Enjoy!

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