Holiday in Nara

Nara is a city that is hard to miss once you are in Japan. This was the first capital of Japan and it has many temples for the tourists to see.

Apart from the temples, what it does offer that no other places offer so many, are the deer. The deer is an animal of a divine origin in Nara and obviously they are treated such as. Everyone feeds them with goodies.
The oldest part of Nara where one can find all the touristic attractions is in no way separated from the rest of the city. To sum up – this is kind of what Nara offers – deer and temples. An entire day is not enough to visit at least half of the attractions. The Yoshikien Garden is a Japanese Garden that can be visited for free. Here you can see the moss garden, which is very appreciated in Japan. It looks exactly like a normal moss garden, but much more taken care of than in other places.
One can as well see the most beautiful temple here – the Tōdai-ji. Here you will see the biggest Buddha inside the house, whose head gets all the way up to the ceiling. Daibutsu-den, the house of this Buddha, is considered the biggest wood building in the world.

Nigatsudo Hall and Sangatsudo Hall are two buildings up on the hill, with a very beautiful view of the city. As you walk from here to the next temple, you will see many souvenirs shops where you will be able to mark this visit and remember it for ages. The deers will be at your each step all the way. There really are many of them. The Daijoin Temple Garden Cultural Hall is another garden that deserves to be visited in your holiday here. As it is not so big, it will be quiet easy to visit it all.

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