Enjoy a relaxing and low budget holiday

Greece sounds to be a wonderful holiday place for this season. A holiday house in Greece is ideals for a holiday with your children. Apart from this, they allow you to have pets and you will not have to leave anyone behind.

Greece is neighbor with three seas, which means a variety of sandy and stony beaches. They include those from Crete, Khalkidhiki, Corfu and Rhodes’. With 15.000 kilometers of land you are never too far from the beach when you book a holiday house at accessible prices in Greece.
Balos Beach is located in Crete and it is a beautiful sand beach with a Caribbean atmosphere. Unlike the below, Lefkada offers beaches with white stones, with a beautiful blue sea on a rocky landmark. On another side, the Paradise Beach in Mykonos is popular and full of life, housing beach parties, water sports and various beach activities. One should not forget visiting one of the famous harbors for its unique maritime atmosphere and enjoy a beach holiday with the family in Greece.
By choosing to stay at a family house one can as well explore a cultural thesaurus in Greece. This includes the famous Acropolis from Athens and the modern bridge Charilaos Trikoupis. This is the longest multi – pile suspended bridge in the world.
The Delphi Archaeological center is a must once here. It houses many discoveries from the palace, temples and theater. The Monemvasia city is known as the “Eastern Gibraltar” and it offers a quiet and nice holiday. It is accessible just by a small rocky road from the continent and it is a historical no cars, city. Micene is the cultural jewel of the city. It is located on the hill and this is the place where the gold Agamemnon masque was discovered, among other gold objects.

Unlike the history, nature can be found at each step here in Greece. One can opt to experience one of the mountain caves near Perama in Crete and spend the day exploring it. Moreover, one should know that the humid areas from Greece are a true paradise for the birds. From the comfort of your house here one can enjoy watching the birds from the wonderful surroundings of Nestos Delta and the Prespa Lakes in Macedonia.
The Ciclade Islands from the Aegean Sea are rather beautiful as well as the Plastira Lake from Kardista. In Greece one ca savor nature in all its senses. Enjoy!

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