Africa travel tips

While many of us experience just those travelling ideas that do not seem very far away from whet one is actually living, from a developing part of view, from a climate part of view, from a security part of view; there are as well those that do enjoy new things are tired of experience just the known, and want to try the unknown.

The African continent is the continent which has the biggest number of sovereign countries – 54. Moreover, it is the second largest continent as far as the land area and the population number concerns. Anyhow, the African experience may prove to be quiet difficult as far as the starting point concerns for a traveler from the developed countries.
One should take into consideration that the travel will be one with no air-conditioning conditions. Do not think it is only summer and sunny days; it can be as cold as the harsh winter you have ever experienced. Therefore, you can pass from savage animals sightseeing to skiing, easily. In Tanzania, the Kenya and Kilimanjaro Mountain have glaciers and the nights here can get to be very chilly places to go skiing are the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, the Maloti Mountains in Lesotho.
If you think you will only get to see desert and flat savanna, as you look far, you cannot be more wrong. There are many rainforests as well as green hills all over Africa. These can be mainly found in South Africa, South East coast, which is known for their greenness and lush vegetation and lakes. There are some deserts that have some vegetation as well – such as the Kalahari Desert. It is known for its spring flowers.
Wondering around the dessert should make you carry a power bar on you at all times. One should not think that it is hard to find food around here, but it is better to be safe and have something on you. Having something at hand to give you energy on a long day is a good thing!
Whether you cannot leave your phone behind, one should know that having a high tech one will not help you that much here – it is better to buy a cheap mobile phone from Africa or just an unlocked cheap phone from wherever you come from, and a local SIM.

To be safe and sound and remain safe and sound one should have all the needing vaccines done before arriving on this secluded continent. This includes a rabies shot, injections against hepatitis A, typhoid, and yellow fever vaccination. The best thing to do is consult your doctor ad he will know what to advise you.
International languages are a must if you choose to travel to this continent. However, the French language will be the most appreciated language of all. There is also the called – African French – but this is quiet difficult to speak; easier to understand.
One should not think “probably mosquitos will leave me alone” – as there is no such thing. They are everywhere and it is better to be well-equipped with what it takes to kill them. You can buy some mosquito spray, insect repellent, mosquito net etc.
Have something to drink at all times. A bottle of water is what will always save you. Do not look on your sweating and the thing that you still have power to walk – once you get to the hotel room you will realize you are dehydrated.
Do not beware of lions or crocodiles or panthers – as they are not the worst killers of Africa – there are more and quitter ones that you do not even imagine. The nice and big hippos are the ones to beware of. They are found in the sub – Saharan Africa and are known to be very aggressive during the dry season, as the water is little and the food limited.
While this has not made you change your mind, it means that you are decided to try new things. However do not expect certain thing – learn to embrace differences – as nothing you have read or seen so far, can be exactly like in nature. Enjoy!

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