Original holiday

A more original holiday can be made if you choose to visit Tokyo. This is by far a holiday which will feel you with Zen feelings – Tokyo is a modern city that will keep you busy and in tune with the cosmopolitan life.

When getting here the first thing you will get acquainted with is the climate. And this is not the best opinion one will make of it, as you will feel it’s too hot. Anyhow, unlike in other cities that are real saunas, Tokyo at least has some parts where you can feel the wind blowing.
Here you can start a day by grabbing something to eat – Lawson is a good choice as this is a chain of stores. They have various foods, such as inigiri, daifuku, sushi everywhere you look and special noodles. As here is a very hot climate, most probably the most appreciated drink is the cold coffee that si served in a box.
After having some food one can start enjoying the trip. Cross the river Sumida in order to get to the Tokyo Skytree. It is opened from early in the morning till 9PM in the evening. Tokyo Skytree is designed in an original color. The Skytree White color is actually an original Japanese color based on the traditional Japanese indigo blue, the lightest shade of it. Colors created by indigo dyers represent the legacy of Japanese traditional craftsmanship as conserved in the downtown area housing the tower. Encounter the tower and this artisan culture will become the starting point for the creation of a new culture. Dressed in “SKYTREE white”, the new tower will stand tall against the blue sky in downtown Tokyo and transcend time with eternal brightness. There are 2 lighting styles: “Iki”, the spirit of Edo, and “Miyabi”, its aesthetics, that operate alternately. They express the concept that ‘today’ is connected to ‘tomorrow’, and, beyond tomorrow expands the ‘future’. The incorporation of designs inheriting Edo scenery reflects the history and culture of Shitamachi, the downtown area. The concept of the design is based on Japanese aesthetics, incorporating history and the local downtown features, but at the same time, a plan representative of the present age. It was also designed to have the beauty of shades expressed in the form of an environmentally-friendly lighting system. Thus the plan adopted a design using all-LED lights to save energy, which also realized beauty at the same time. The major role of TOKYO SKYTREE is transmission of digital terrestrial broadcasting. It is also expected to assume a role as a tower with a disaster-prevention function at times of natural disaster.
Another tower to see is the Tokyo Tower. This is different from the above one. It is kind of a red symbol of the city. If you feel that you can climb some hundreds of steps and resist at 36 degrees in the top of the tower, you will be rewarded with a wonderful view.

There are possibilities for less sportish people as well. One can visit the Metropolitan Government Building. Apart from the fact that you can climb up to the 45 store with an elevator, you will do it free of charge. Here you can look over the South Observatory and the North Observatory which are opened till 5:30PM.
The Mori Tower in Roppongi Hills is a shopping heaven for the shopping lovers. This will occupy one a full day therefore, choose all your trips wisely.
Tokyo is so big and yet so easy to explore by a tourist. It is a big city, gigantic in shape but not as crowdie a son may think. It is also considered to be one of the safest cities in the world, even though one may not really believe this. Enjoy!

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