Sights of Kiev

Nowadays when you think about going in a holiday you think of some exotic destinations, sunny islands or famous cities of Western Europe. Anyhow, there are many other places less explored by the tourists but just as beautiful and with just as many interesting touristic attractions.

Such place is Kiev, the capital of Ukraine and the biggest city of this state. Here one can find churches with old histories and architecture, museums, monuments, green spaces, welcoming people. Anyhow, when one hears Kiev the first thing that can pass through one’s mind is that it was a part of the old soviet bloc. But it is more than this – it is one of the oldest cities in Europe. Through time this was the main religious center of Russia, as it had many sacred buildings – the Lavra Pecerska Monastery, the Saint Sophia Cathedral and the Saint Michael one.
Anyhow, these days it is regarded as a risk factory country, not as risky as it was a few months ago, but risky enough. Therefore, going to Kiev probably will be made without insurance, as many insurance companies are afraid of what might happen. Anyhow, one has the option to take the bus and get to Kiev.
As some touristic objectives one can see the Chimeras House. This was built more than a century ago by Kyivite Wladislaw Horodecki. This is the most unique structure from Kiev. The sophisticated architectural forms are hidden in the figures from Horodecki’s dreams. The water pipes are in the shape of an elephant trunk, rhinoceros, gigantic turtles, sirens and other figures built of cement. The interior design was also very exclusivist – it included a room specially made for the depositing of the aliments, a cellar, a laundry room, a special room for Horodecki’s cow. This one insured fresh milk for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
One of the most loved streets from Kiev is the Andriivs‘kyi uzviz one. In the old times it used to connect the administrative and superior part of the city, with the Podil – the inferior part of the city. This abrupt roc is a meeting point for festivals and fairs; it has alongside many museums, art galleries, coffee shops and restaurants. The local craftsmen are more during the weekends and the celebrations.

The Greek Gods House represents the Olimp Mountain from Kiev. It is covered with sculptures of Greek Gods. The fertility God – Demeter is with a bunch of wheat in her hand, the Fire God Hephaestus is with his hammer in the hand, Athena – the wisdom God is with a helmet, a sword and a shield and Hermes – the commerce God is with a cock and a net.
The National Art Museum is built in the style of a Greek temple and has a 6 column gallery projected by the Horodets’kyi and Boytsov architects. They have many icons, paintings and sculptures dating from the 14th century to the beginning of the 20th century.
There is also the National History Museum, which shows the history of Ukraine from prehistoric times till the present ones. They have collections of old books, coins and money, art collections and archeological and ethnographical discoveries.
The Golden Gate of Kiev – Zoloti Vorota is one of the most unique architectural from Kiev. Its ruins are included in the UNESCO patrimony and it is known as being projected with high attention by the architects and historians. The new construction is projected identically with the old one and it buries the old ruins. From the platforms, the view of the area makes it worthwhile the payment you pay for entering on the Gate.

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