Russia tour in Yekaterinburg

Yekaterinburg is the capital of the Sverdlovsk region. The city is located on the eastern part of the Urals. At the same time it is in the industrial and cultural center of the Federal District from Urals. This is the fifth city in Russia as far as the size concerns.

Its name was not always Yekaterinburg, as it used to be called Sverdlovsk, after the Russian ruler from those days Iakov Sverdlov. The city is weird. It is not an old city, it has just 270 years or so, therefore it does not have the notion of old in it – it has big and imposing buildings, houses, churches, monuments etc.
One can get here with the help of the Trans-Siberian railway. This is the longest railway in the world and an important economical connection of Russia. It was built in almost 25 years and condemned from the Sakhalin island and soldiers of the Russian army contributed to its building. The interior reminds one of the time of tsars.
The first city along this long railway is Yekaterinburg. For those that do not know, it is the home town of Eltin. At the beginnings it used to be a town of wood. The first stone buildings appeared at the end of the 18th century. It is a very important educational center from Russia as it is the seat of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Science and it has about 15 institutions of higher education. What makes it important from the economical point of view is the fact that it is located at the border of Europe and Asia.
You can easily take a week for this holiday as it has many libraries, cinemas, concert halls, children’s music and art schools, Opera House, Drama Theatre, Musical Comedy Theatre, Theatre of Youth, Puppet Shows Theatre, Philharmonic Society, and Circus as well as many museums, which are known for their unique collections.

It also has more than 600 monuments of history, out of which 40 are considered to be national top monuments. Moreover – Russia is a quiet religious country, therefore Yekaterinburg also houses many churches and Cathedrals. However, if at the beginning of the 20th century there were about 50 churches, now one can only find just 6. One of them is Saint Ekatherina’s Chapel and the Cathedral on Blood. What is interesting to see are also the Oktyabrskaya Square, City Hall building and Ural Region Government building.
The highest point of the Ural mountains – the mountain Berezovaya is considered to be the border between Europe and Asia. Here you will see the obelisk that marks the border and be able to take photos with one step in Europe and one in Asia.
There is a special tour – called Nignaya Sinyachiha – that will give you the opportunity to see the wooden architectures of the Urals. It is a location more or less alike with the Maramures part of Romania. There are various wooden churches, museums of wooden art and paintings. The houses from this part date from the 17th, 18s and 19s centuries. This is rather far from the downtown – it is 130 kilometers far – but is sure worth it. Apart from the nice sights you will see, you will taste a traditional meal there in the village.
Despite of the fact that nowadays dynamic from any point of view is quiet fast; it does not affect the cultural heritage and the historical continuity of this city. It’s a fact that it is a historical city and that will not change over times.
Yekaterinburg will change your view on Russia in a pleasant manner and you will come to enjoy each day you stay here. Enjoy!

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