Preparing your summer holiday

Maldives or the Maldives Islands is an insular country formed by a group of Atolls from the Indian Ocean. The 25 Atolls of the ocean form a territory that contains 1192 islands out of which 250 are inhabited. It is the smallest Asian state as well as the state with the smallest maximum altitude in the world.

When looking for a holiday here, you most certainly look for a holiday in Paradise, with white sand beaches, with turquoise lagoons, with coral reservations, with breathtaking sunsets and the splendid multi colored fishes. The well-known explorer Cousteau stated that “the human is a guest in this paradise” and this is a saying that maintains true.
One can find here over 80 resorts with exclusive locations, private islands, luxurious tropical vegetation, and virgin beaches. The resorts here combine perfectly the luxurious vegetation with the luxurious services and resorts. There are full days when you do not see any person on the island, the tranquility is at its peace and you can see it as a romantic destination where you and your loved one can discover each other again.
Some of the islands can be rather small – 20 minutes’ walk from one end to the other. Generally the contact between the tourists and the local population is not encouraged. A big part of the islands are purely touristic while some have their own inhabitants there.

Nothing is more beautiful and relaxing than sleeping outside your villa, on the balcony, surrounded by the ocean, the sound of the waves and the sky full of stars. For a trip here you should know that they have the culture of the tip, meaning one has to give ti always to the one that helps him. The tip is usually of 1 dollar. If you forget tipping once, you may not have the same treatment again.
Going for all inclusive in this holiday is a good choice as it gives you free access to the bar on the beach at any time of the day or night and as well the villa on the ware is a must have stay, if you travel with your loved one. If you travel with your children, it is highly not recommended.
Each of the islands here has a certain specific – therefore getting acquainted beforehand is a must. You should think of what you want to do – snorkeling, surfing, diving and many other things. Enjoy!

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