Remembering winter

For the winter lovers that are sad that it slowly goes away, one could think of travelling to Scandinavia. It is a wonderful place to prolong your winter holiday and enjoy both with your loved one and with your family. Scandinavia is a child-friendly location that has excellent family accommodation and also activities to keep your children adventurous.

If you want to have a winter adventure, you can try going to the northern Norway. This location is the Kirkenes one and it is situated in the Northern Norway. Here you will be able to make many winter activities and enjoy the snow and cold weather – practically de-intoxicate yourself and have some fresh air. Snow Crab Safari is one of the activities, boat trips, quad safaris, hiking and fishing tours, king crab safaris and dog sledging trips.
You can easily get here by plane, as they have an airport in Kirkenes. Once here, you will see that it has so very well built infrastructure that you can have many new experiences – mountains, fjords, forests, lakes, and northern lights in the winter time and the midnight sun in the summer time.
Apart from this one can as well visit some national reservation parks. In Pasvik Valley you will find one of the only remaining primeval forests in Norway. Here the brown bears are believed to reproduce all year long; therefore the number of the bear family is quiet big. Here, the flora and the fauna are completely different with what you are used to – therefore, some snapshots deserve all the money you have to pay to take them.
Entering Kirkenes from the west part one can see the Finnmark’s “Jet d’Eau”. It is a fountain in a lake – not exactly like the Lake Geneva but very closely alike.
One can as well visit the Grenseland Museum. Here one can find a diverse collection of industrial and historical items. It also includes some exhibits about the 2nd World War, about the Nazi occupation and the Soviet invasion.

In order to be able to enjoy the Aurora Borealis one has to fulfill the following things – the sky to be clear of clouds, the sky to be very dark, in order for one to see the reflections and certain activities of the sun must be fulfilled in order that the Aurora Borealis can be sizeable.
As this location is situated between Helsinki and Moscow people here are split between those that speak northern languages – Norwegian, Sami, Finnish and those that speak Russian. The trip here can prove to be both very interesting and you can learn many new things.

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