Versailles – between grandeur and decadence

Paris is a place that each of us visit at least once in a lifetime. It is a must see due to the French people, to the French culture, to the French cuisine and to the French atmosphere. Here you will find a place that will make you feel cozy and like you are in another world – it is the land of Versailles and Disneyland.

The above are the two main landmarks that one should see once in Paris. They are near Paris and one can easily get there by train and by car. Getting to Versailles you will be fascinated by the gardens that are here, by many fountains that have witnessed the love between Napoleon and Josephine, by the Grand Trianon and the Castle.
One probably has fairytale images about Versailles – however few are true – they are images built from those times when it was an inhabited castle, when it was full of life and one could seize the happiness or the sorrow from it. Nothing that one can say nowadays can make you feel those back days moments. The Mirror Hall is signalized everywhere but one will not actually be able to see much, but a hall full of people and that is kind of it. What are actually beautiful, are the royal bedrooms and that is kind of all.

However, Disneyland is totally another experience that what the castle can offer you. The ticket is far more expensive as the ticket for Versailles but it is a better and longer experience, one that you will surely not forget.
Once you enter on Main Street you should go to the City Hall and take the daily program, so that you will know how to schedule your day. Through this wonderful park in a common day the characters appear and disappear and you can take photos with them, take an autograph from them etc.
The All Stars Train presets in a parade step and the according music almost all the characters from the Disney Park. The show from the Main Square is something one must see – it is with Mickey and his friends, they dance, laugh, joke and create an imaginary world of childhood, fairytale and stories.

You can see the Sleeping Beauty Castle, the Hearts Queen Castle, the labyrinth, the well-known Montagne Rousse, the craziness of coffee cups. The park is split in 5 lands – the DiscoveryLand, the FantasyLand, the AdventureLand, the FrontierLand and the MainStreet USA. Coming here with the children, will mean emptying your pockets p there are many souvenirs shops and many beautiful things you can buy to your little ones.

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