Land of FIFA 2014

Whether you did not get the chance to visit Brazil last year – as it was fully booked all over and the prices were high up, you can have a trial and visit it this year. It is far more free and the chances to pay half that what you could have paid last year, are big.

What you will find first entering the plane is that it is not a very safe country, that you can be easily aggressed with the knife at your throat or the gun. The best decision in this case is not to look your opponent in the eyes. Therefore, one should take good care of oneself and not walk alone on the street.
The Amazonian forest is fascinating and a killer, in the true sense of the words. The authorities here want to protect it to be cut; therefore the private owners of different parts of the forests are paid not to cut the trees.
Going to Brazil you should know at least some things about slavery and favelas. It is interesting and amazing to see in a skyscrapers country, people that actually live in favelas and have nothing to eat. One can remember the Slumdog Millionaire movie.
Being here one should taste the traditional drink – caipirinhas and enjoy the original lambada dance. It is the first dance one likes as a little child and it drove both girls and boys crazy. Copacabana and Ipanema are two Brazilian beaches that are a must to visit, once here.

If you do not know yet, you will find out here that Brazil is the biggest sugar producer in the world. You can taste a stalk of sugar-cane and even drink sugar juice. It is incredibly sweet and despite all this it is intensely used in Brazil. It is even used to make ethanol – a kind of gas used in the cars here. It does not pollute that much and it is cheap. However, it cannot be used at a world scale, as it still needs various chemical components to be at the same level with the gas.
Brazilian people are original when it comes about coffee – they say it must be hard as the devil, hot as the hell and sweet as love. For those that cannot live without coffee, should take this into account when drinking one here. It will give you some heart palpitations. It is not as the regular coffee in other countries, it is totally different and what you do not expect.

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