Disney World – Tips for First Timers

If you are visiting the Disney World for the first time you might get a little overwhelmed because the place is so big and has so many attractions and distractions at any step that is impossible to know until you go. I, for example, if I go some place I’ve never visited before I like to make some research to know what I’m getting myself into. Take into consideration these following tips and the battle will be half won.

The Walt Disney World is freakishly huge, in fact, if you bothered to read a little about the Disney themed-parks you will know that Disney World from Florida is the ‘big place’ while Disneyland from California is the ‘little place’. Disney World is spread throughout 25,000 acres, has 24 hotels, 4 themed-parks, 2 water parks and many more. Many first visitors don’t know the variety that is about to hit them behind the doors as they also don’t know that the amusement parks don’t all take the same tickets. One of the most useful tips is that first timers should decide on two or three amusement parks and purchase a ticket package for them.

Regarding the accommodation and the transportation what many people don’t know is that choosing Disney vacation rentals over hotels will save you some money. These rentals offer great amenities and if you want to spend your morning away from the hectic amusement parks you can sunbathe at the pool of your complex condo. Most vacation rentals even include parking in the nightly rate from where you can drive to any amusement park.

Disney World never sleeps and they say that when night has taken over, the rides take on a whole new experience. The parades and firework are a delight and some amusement parks extent the rides and the entertainment until after midnight. Walking around Disney World will physically exhaust you but a very good advice for first timers is that you should keep exploring as the nightly entertainment will reinvigorate you. You can grab dinner in one of the restaurants and watch the fireworks. Don’t forget to buy tickets or make reservations in advance or you’ll miss out.

For those of you who are impatient or are running on a time schedule you should take advantage of the free passes that help visitors reserve a spot in line at the biggest attractions and that way you don’t spend all of your time standing in line. Also, remember that just because an attraction doesn’t have a long line it doesn’t mean is not good. You might be surprised. Of course, I have no doubt that many of the first-timers already have a list of must-do/see things but don’t be afraid to explore.

It can be a little intimidating but nevertheless a great experience. Just make sure to have a little plan before
embarking on this little adventure and you’ll be fine. Have fun!

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