Holiday in Africa, India, Galapagos, Brazil and Canada

Having a longer holiday is a unique opportunity to visit some of the most exquisite places on Earth. This will be your opportunity to visit 12 countries and see 18 species of animals and plants that are said to be on the verge of disappearance.

This holiday begins with eight days of exploring the Kenya reservations, where one can see the white rhinos, one of the species in danger of disappearance. This holiday is conceived to combine the luxurious experiences and contribute to conserving the species. In the five days that one will visit Rwanda, one can as well see the mountain gorillas. There are only 880 mountain gorillas in Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda.

In Tanzania one will visit the Mahale Mountains to see the chimp. In Madagascar one will spend 12 days where they will see Maki, a special family of monkeys. Their number was reduced with 80 percent from 1981 to 2008; therefore their left number is of 1000 specimens.

In Botswana one will see the wild dogs. These dogs have for fingers instead of five and their estimated number is of 4000 to 5000 specimens. In Namibia you will be able to see the black rhinos from Palmwag reservation.

Antarctica is the next pit stop on this holiday. Here you will explore ice caves and will make some mountain climbing. The main attraction will be a colony of imperial penguins; which may split in half if the global temperature continues to rise.

In India one will see the snow leopards and the Bengal tigers in a 12 days trip. and then you will have an adventure in the tropical forests from Brazil to follow the jaguars.

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