World’s Best Destinations to Travel Alone

Traveling alone used to be a taboo, but nowadays it is actually quite trendy to get your backpack and go discover the world by yourself. Of course, traveling with your friends will guarantee a successful fun trip but going alone definitely has it perks. Whether because you want to experience more, or find it more convenient, or simply need some you-time, there are many destinations perfect for people who are looking to discover the broad world on their own.

Hallstatt, Austria, is a village with no more than 1,000 inhabitant. This beautiful village is known for its production of salt and is a World Heritage Site. Due to its small town appeal, Hallstatt is a popular destination among tourists and it can be toured on feet in no more than ten minutes.

Kenting, Taiwan, is one of those places that fulfill pretty much anyone’s criteria for an idea solo travel location. Close to the National Park this place is very tourism-friendly with warm greeting from the locals, beaches to relax, delicious food and plenty of spectacular scenes.

Quebec, Canada, more French than American, the cobblestone streets within the old fortified city of Vieux Quebec brings back the old World charm that has disappeared from North America since the industrial revolution. Quebec is probably one of the safest places to go if you travel alone so make sure you put it on your list.

Uruguay is probably the safest place in Latin America with high literacy rates and urbanization. Picturesque and authentic, this country welcomes you to explore the countryside on horseback with the gauchos, experience the carnival culture and interact with locals.

Kyoto, Japan. The former capital of the country, often voted as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, is a very charming place where the modern society found a way to blend with the traditional. If you’re looking for a place where you can get in touch with the nature and the spiritual but also stay within the reach of the cosmopolitan life, Kyoto is the place to go.

Kangaroo Island, Australia has something to offer to almost everyone, from wildlife to savouring gourmet food and partaking in outdoor activities. For people traveling alone, it’s a very nice contained environment with everything you need from a vacation.

Interlaken, Switzerland has a very backpacking feeling because of the mountain-like surroundings. Set in the heart of Jungfrau region, the town in itself is not very spectacular but it does make a good base because it’s located in the vicinity of breathtaking sceneries. It is also cheaper compared to other, more popular places in Switzerland.

Aveiro, Portugal has a very unique feeling with canals, bridges and painted boats called Moliceiros which remind us of Venice, alongside sandy beaches of Costa Nova. It’s as if you’re in two different places at once; a very lush and picturesque destination which will offer you best of two worlds.

New Zealand is another location that screams backpacking and is a perfect destination for people who love adventure sports and outdoor activities. New Zealand impresses with its sceneries and beautiful places and the best way to explore it is to do a road trip from North to South and visit the cities and towns which each have a different vibe.

Iceland is one of the most welcoming and peaceful countries in the world with a very safe environment and low population density. It is probably the most ideal place for a solo holiday, especially for those who want to escape the cities. Lose yourself in the local culture and come back a different person.

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