North Pole – an experience with no limits

Going to North Pole is an experience that many do not dare to make but those that do, surely not regret making it. The experience will start once you get to Helsinki.

Arriving here you should take the road to Murmansk and then embark on the ship that takes you to North Pole. After two days of sailing, you arrive in the Franz Joseph archipelago area. This is 1000 kilometers away from North Pole. The view is spectacular and the first wales appear in sight. As you go forward the polar bears start appearing as well. They mind their own business, without harming anyone.
The polar bears do not seem bothered of the ship nor the sound. You may think whether these kinds of expeditions do not pollute the fresh air here, but everything that the ship is made with is eco-friendly. Such expeditions are made one month per year and the crew is as well formed from an anthropologist, an historian and a biologist. They use to hold each passing day seminars about the areas they pass by. Unfortunately, the conclusion is that the global warming has a bad impact on this area.
After two days of sailing, you will start seeing the icy land. The ship will make its way through the ice and continue moving onwards. Hours and days passed and everything remained the same. All you will feel is the tranquility and the relaxing atmosphere surrounding you. It is like a purifying of the mind, an experience that you cannot imagine and one that you should live to really feel it.

Arriving at point where the ship could no longer move forward, you will embark on an helicopter and you will fly above the North Pole ice. From up you will see the polar bears closer and in their own habitat and pass near icebergs and see the hundreds of birds, on the Rubini Rock.
If you feel you can make it and are a good enough swimmer, you can try and swim in the Arctic Ocean. As the water is dead cold, you will be given a glass of vodka, just for warm up. enjoy!

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