Top 10 places to visit in 2014 – part one

Due to the fact that many people try to go to holidays and relax and the vast majority of places are normal to go to, you can try something new such as the following places.

Fukuoka from Japan is a much recommended destination for anyone that desires to visit Japan but something else besides Tokyo. Despite of the 1.5 million inhabitants, Fukuoka is compact enough in order to be visited by foot, but they also have a quiet efficient and clean metro reseau. For some wonderful views of this city you can go to the Fukuoka Tower that has 234 meters high, or to the gigantic Sky Dream Farris Wheel, for a 20 minutes trip. If you are in desire of something specifically Japanese you should go to the Robosquare. Here you will see demonstrations of some personalized robots. The famous commercial center Canal City can be seen here as well. It is from here from where the madness of buying and selling comes from.

Argentina is a country very well known. However, Bariloche is not a much known city at an international level. It is located at the bottom of the Andes hill very close to the Chile border. Besides the amazing landscapes, you can have excellent places for skiing and snowboarding during winter time, or trekking, rafting, riding and many water sports during summer time. The food here and the wine are excellent and you will spend amazing days here.

Iceland lately has become an attainable touristic place, in the regard that it actually is not as expensive as people knew some years ago. A good strategy to visit it is to rent a car one week and to follow the road around the island in any direction. On the road you will have many opportunities to admire the icebergs, the waterfalls, the national parks, the lakes, the fjords and the wild life. The most famous attraction is the Blue Lagoon – which is very close to the airport.


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