Beautiful and unique places to see

There are many places in the world that one can see that look unreal and seem like being cut out of books or photoshop – ed images. But, fortunately they are real and they can be visited. Therefore you will be able to have a unique visual experience.

The Black Forest from Germany is one of the places worth visiting. While some may consider it rather frightening, some think of it as unreal because of its beauty. We are talking the Black Forest, a mountain forested region of Germany. This is the exact place from where the Danube arises. This area can be visited especially due to the fact that it has many resorts and watering places.

The Mendenhall Ice Caves from Alaska is a totally special place. Here you will be able to see various caves where the solar light smoothly penetrates and reflects in hundreds of thousands of ice crystals, giving birth to a blue fairytale landmark.

The Salt Desert from Bolivia, Solar de Uyuni is a big surface, almost perfectly even, covered with a salt crust. After each time it rains, this place is transformed into an unreal place, due to the water that covers the salt. One can see it forming a mirror and the tourists will feel like walking on clouds.

The Love Tunnel from Ukraine is one of the most romantic places in the world. Even though it seems like being from a mysterious story, the Love Tunnel is as real as possible. Actually it is about a private railway near the Kleven city, which has on one side and other tall trees, whose crowns joined together, giving birth to a green tunnel with a roof in a shape of an arch.

The Wisteria Tunnel is one of the biggest touristic attractions from Japan, hundreds of thousands of tourists being attracted by this place. It is formed of tens of thousands of decorative trees, whose flowers have different purple shades.


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