The most beautiful Christmas trees in the world

The Christmas trees are one of the main attractions for Christmas holidays. They are strategically placed in large spaces and they attract both the inhabitants of that place as well as those tourists eager to enjoy the festive atmosphere of winter holidays.

Paris is one of the locations that you can go to in order to see a magnificent Christmas tree. The Christmas tree of last year was placed in the Place de la Concorde and had the same size as the obelisk. The inauguration of the Christmas tree was made on 6th December last year and this year one does not know yet. If you spend your Christmas holidays in Paris, you should take advantage of the festive decorations from the center of the city and make a long walk through Champs-Elysees all the way to Place de la Concorde. On the well-known boulevard, one can see a fabulous Christmas market.

Another place to get astonished by the big and beautiful Christmas tree can be Rio de Janeiro. Last year, here one could see the biggest floating Christmas tree in the world. It had 85 meters high with 542 tones and 3.1 million lightning. it was situated on water and sustained by 11 huge platforms.

While you can say this is a cliché, it can really be seen as it, but the Christmas tree from New York is each year a wonder. Rockefeller Center is the place where the tree is located and this long tradition began since 1931. Along the years different New York Christmas trees appeared in the movies. It is said that over 750.000 visitors are present daily during this period of the year, to see the tree. Whatever the place you will find yourself during the winter holiday, one must remember that each Christmas tree is special.


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