Best pizzas in Napoli

Pizza is a representative food for Italy. This is actually the place where “pizza” was born. The thing with the pizzas place in Italy, does not necessarily involve the design of the place, but the taste is far more important than anything when choosing place to eat great Italian pizza. Therefore, let’s make a short tour into the best pizzas places from Italy.

Da Michelle pizza place is one of the most popular pizza locations from Napoli. This is the same location where Julia Roberts ate pizza when being in Napoli and filming the „Eat, Pray, Love” movie. This place is so well known and appreciated that you will always find a queue when wanting to enjoy a good pizza. You will receive a number and one of the waiters will call for you, when a table is free and you can finally order.

You will not be astonished by the variety of pizzas that they serve, as they serve just two pizzas – Marguerite one and Marinara one. As a drinking option, there are more – that means three drinking options – water, juice or beer. Everything here is done in such an alert manner that you remain nicely impressed. This is the Napoli’s rhythm and people here are used to it. A pizza is ready in no more than three minutes but it has the most wonderful taste ever. It has a very thin crust, a tasty tomatoes sauce and it feels like melting in your mouth.

Il Pizzaiolo del President is not a recommended place to go for a pizza. The pizza experience here will prove to be very bad and make you no longer long for a pizza. Anyhow, there is Di Matteo pizza place, located on the Via dei Tribunali 94. Here, the pizza is almost as good as Da Michelle pizza place, but you will not be standing in line.
The Port’Alba Pizza place is the oldest pizza place in the entire Italy, good pizza, high prices but mediocre pizza. If you fancy for a good atmosphere, Da Ettore is the perfect places to go. Along with the good pizza and the jovial atmosphere, you will find quiet high prices.


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