4 spectacular caves in Turkey, Greece and Spain

The beautiful caves are the ones that remake the atmosphere from Venice, the little boats can be resembled with the gondolas that are driven by friendly inhabitants of these places, and the itinerary offers you places that one has never seen, wonderful landscapes. The crying cave from Alanya is the most eastern point and the most picturesque as well, from the resorts of Antalya. Until a few years ago it was an oranges orchard and now the luxurious hotels practically go through the locals houses. This is how many they are. The place where the old citadel of Alayia is located is full of grottos. These grottos make the imagination of the tourists and not only, go wild and want to discover more. A very known cave is the Damlatas one. This is well known as it has curative properties, efficient to treat the respiratory affections. The hot air and the humidity that is raised from the interior give you back the health.

The heaven of the nymph of Kefalonia is drowned in a sea with turquoise iridescence that make you feel the need to go out for a boat walk towards the Melissani cave. This is as well known as “the Cave of the Nymphs” due to the fact that after the excavations were done, a few figures of women that looked like the well known nymphs were found. The cave has two big halls that are invaded by water and a small island in the middle. The in first hall you will walk down a lake and you will admire the sky from the superior side of the cave; while in the second hall the huge stalactites and stalagmites will blow your mind.
There is no place like Greece in the summer. Anyhow some may not think so due to the fact that would like to visit as well something in their holiday, not just sit in the sun all dat. Corfu is the perfect place for one to see the blue caves. From the harbor of Corfu one can see the image of the old town that is delimited by the two venetians fortress. Sailing south you will discover Paxos, the Island where Poseidon fell in love of the nymph Amfitri and built a palace in the Blue Caves. These beautiful caves take your look with the intense blue and just the little sounds of the waves can be heard. You can explore three caves that are flooded by turquoise water. Out of these three, it is said that the second one has housed Poseidon.
Mallorca is well known for the over 200 caves that lure the tourists each year that passes. You must not miss the Cave of the Evils, well known for its insights. You should as well visit the twelve main domains and the impressive chambers, such as the Black Cave, the White Cave and the Luis Salvador Cave. This trip ends up on the Lago de Martel, one of the biggest underground lakes.

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