Holiday in the middle of Africa

When you say “Africa” you think about the hot places and the burning sun that are there. Anyhow, in the north part of the continent you will be surprised to see that the climate is Mediterranean, with a lot of grass, modern cities and full of history ones as well; with welcoming people that will assure you of a perfect holiday. Starting your trip with Tunisia you will be amazed that there actually is more than just warmth there. In the northern part of Tunisia you can find a Mediterranean climate unlike in the southern part of it. After landing in Monastir you start your trip through the highway and get to Yasmine Hammamet, the newest resort from this part. From both sides of the highway you will be accompanied by unending orchards of olives. Unlike any other places, all are divided through big cactuses.

Like many other people from the North Africa, Tunisians have as well been occupied by the Romans, the Byzantines, by the Arabs, getting at some point to be sold by the Turkish people to the French ones. Therefore, they eventually got to be a French protectorate.
Tunisia has ten million of inhabitants, and the predominant religion is the Muslim one. Unlike other Arab women, the women from here learn, drive the car, work and are not obliged to wear a vale. Other important towns are Tunis – the capital of the country, Sfax, Sousse and Kairouan. The last town mentioned has forty eight mosques and it is as well known for the small carpentry factories.
Spending your holiday here offers you the possibility of visiting a lot of places, and not just hanging around at the sun. You can go visit the Cartagena walls and the Mauriac quarter -Sidi Bou Said. The roman Coliseum from El Jem has preserved itself in a very good shape, despite of the fact that it has almost two thousand years. Yearly, due to the very goo acoustic it has, it houses different concerts.
Going to the capital of this country – Tunis, you will be able to see a modern town that is specific to the Mediterranean area with large boulevards, palms at each step, nice buildings and many restaurants, coffee shops and terraces. This will make you feel like being in Paris. What one will most definitely notice is the tall villas that rise just between the two thousand years old ruins.   
Cartagena, a rival town of Rome in ancient times, was burnt down from scrap in order not to revive again. To be certain of this, the Romans have covered the place with one meter high salt. Near Cartagena – you can find the Sidi Bou Said quarter, which is raised in a Mauriac style, with a combination of blue and white. The National Museum Bardo is close and it is worth visiting. It houses the biggest mosaics collection in the world.

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