Treehotel, Northen Sweeden – The unspoilt beauty of the forests – Part II

We will continue the discovery of rooms available in the Treehotel with the Bird’s Nest. The Bird’s Nest is the sublime example that one’s should not judge the essence based only on the exterior. The treeroom’s exterior is a gigantic bird’s nest; however the interior is comfortable and exclusive. The Blue Cone is simple and accessible wooden house. It is designed with three foundations in the ground in order to have the sensation of height.  The UFO is the place where imagination comes true. An absolutely unique environment was created with durable material, having as purpose a cozy room over two floors. The Tree Sauna is the perfect relaxation room that comes to underline the union between men and nature. The location is suitable for 8 people, having all the necessary utilities. The staff of the hotel has prepared different activities for each season so the guests can enjoy their stay there. During summer and fall the visitors can choose from up to 16 activities like mountain bike, sea kayaking, horseback riding or carriage. Meanwhile over winter and spring the guests can plan to build an igloo or to take snowshoe tour or any other of the 12 activities.
To enjoy a nature holiday visit the Treehotel!

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