Treehotel, Northen Sweeden – The unspoilt beauty of the forests – Part I

Who as a child didn’t spent most of his days climbing on trees? I always had a shred of envy towards those who had a tree house. Sometimes we all gather in somebodies tree house to play or to tell horror stories. It was fantastic! This experience can be relived now, at a more mature age, due to some of Scandinavia’s leading architects such as Martin Videgård and Bolle Tham as well as Mårten and Gustav Cyrén. They have designed the Treehotel, an accommodation located in the small village of Harads, Sweden, close to the Arctic Circle.  All of the rooms have a special way to become part to the natural environment. Each room is suspended from four to six meters above the ground and provides a spectacular panoramic view.

At the moment there are six different rooms: The Cabin, The Mirrorcube, The Bird’s Nest, The Blue Cone, The UFO and The Tree Sauna.
The Cabin resembles a capsule with an overlook on the Lule River Valley. It is a foreign body in the trees. The Mirrorcube is an interesting camouflaged location in the forest. It has mirrors on all the walls that reflect their surroundings. To be in harmony with the nature, the architects have clad the walls with infrared film so birds will not fly into the tree house.
More to come about the Treehotel from Northen Sweeden …

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