Breathtaking Brazil. Ilha de Santa Catarina

One of the most important tourist destinations in Brazil in most definitely Ilha de Santa Catarina. A holiday on the island will be a relaxing paradise and you will be able to enjoy amazing beaches, great activities, good food and a general feeling of happiness and fulfillment. The island is approximately 54 km long and 18 km wide and it has a lot of beach resorts perfect for all kinds of tourists. In the northern part you can find the undeveloped side of the island where you can hide from all the noise and busy touristic attractions.

The best beaches are on the east coast, they are perfect for those who love surfing. The most famous beaches are Joaquina and Mole. If you don’t know how to surf, don’t worry, there are some great surfing schools along these beaches. Also, you can rent a board from one of the available surfing rentals. Also note that from April to June, due to fishing season, surfing is prohibited on the island.
Another really cool activity to do on this beautiful island is sand boarding. This sport is quite similar to snowboarding only the gliding of the board is on sand dunes instead of snow. The sport is pretty fun and it is a great new thing to try during your holiday.
Another sport performed on the dunes of Joaquina is paragliding. Experienced instructors are ready to teach you how to fly over the beaches of Mole. If you are too afraid, you can choose to fly in tandem with an instructor.
Since we are still near the ocean, traditional water sports are everywhere. Kite surfing through the waves of the east coast or calm seas for windsurfing in the north is all that it takes to have an amazing afternoon. You need a little strength and the desire to learn new things.
If you love the sea, a few hours of diving will be on your heart’s desire. The snorkeling equipment, the lessons and the instructor are provided in different parts of the shore line. The most famous destination for diving is Acquanauta, just one hour away by boat.
In the evening, enjoy a relaxing boat ride around the island and capture amazing pictures and even visit the old fort of the island dating from the 18th century.
The island has to offer everything you need for a perfect holiday.

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  • BenH

    Whats the weather like in july??

    • Romy Pie

      Not really good for vacation Ben. The best time to come is March.