The Library Hotel – Manhattan, New York

Everyone wants to be a part of it: New York! Stop the journey in the largest train station in the world, Grand Central Terminal! Join the vibe of Manhattan! Take a break in Bryant Park! Go shopping on high boutiques on Madison Avenue! Make your final destination: The Library Hotel! As the name suggests, the hotel is an unique location organized as a library. The guests can enrich their knowledge by reading books from a large range of topics: social sciences, language, math and science, technology, arts, literature, history, general knowledge, philosophy and religion. Moreover, to allow the guests to relax with their favorite book, the hotel offers a patio and a lounge with complimentary refreshments. The Library Hotel is designed to feel more as a private club than a hotel, each of the luxury rooms are exclusively decorated with book collection related to the room’s theme.

The Library Hotel is a piece of heaven for all book lovers!

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