The Summer of Fashion in Vienna

While some of you may be wondering what to do this summer and have not yet arrived to any conclusion, it is an easy decision to make if you love fashion.  Like many fashion lovers already know – there is the Summer of Fashion this year in Vienna. This year the MQ Summer of Fashion started on the 14th of June. Anyhow, there still is big time to get to it – as it lasts all the way to the middle of September.

Between 14th June and 16th September 2012 the cultural institutions of MuseumsQuartier(MQ) of Vienna have decided to start a common project: MQ Summer of Fashion. This aims to transform fashion through an exceptional experience, by presenting the different sights it has and its bounds to art. Fashion is art.From this show, the expositions, the movies, the recitals, the fashions shows, the tours and the free discussions will not lack. The two expositions this show has started with are the Reflecting Fashion exposition and the Technosensual. The first one has presented the art and fashion from the modern age of mumok. It is mainly concentrated on fashion as an essential part of the art. This has been demostarted even since the early ages of 1960 by designers such as Vito Acconci or Daniel Buren.
The second exposition – Technosensual, intends to bound fashion with technology. This has presented electronic materials and clothes and as well wearable technologies. It is that boundary where fashion meets technology, cerated by the freiraum quartier 21 International. The show having been over a party was organized. Moreover a fashion presentation of the Fashion – Design and Textiles College was shown.
There is no need to panic, as a short trip there worth’s your while and the best is not over yet. Among the MQ Institutions there will as well be other cultural ones and people from the artistic world of Vienna. Among other attractions one will be able to see the show made by the known dancer – Lucia Glass in collaboration with Tanzquartier Wien; the opening movie festivity with Diane Pernet – the fashion well-known blogger. Apart from this, one can as well visit the fashion deposit from the Vienna Museum. This, normally, it is not opened to the public eye. The reason that stand behind this decision is because it has fashion secret hidden in it and you will be able to see the biggest fashion collection of Europe, there.
The Natural History Museum will house an historical insight into the fashion world, starting the Stone age all the way to the Baroque Style and the fashion bloggers will organize a fair, called Fair Fair Market, with marvelous eco articles and bio aliments. The grandiose end of this event will take place between 12th September and 16th September, known as MQ Vienna Fashion Week and then collections of great Austrians and international designers will be presented.

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