Torture Museum. Amsterdam

Torture is the act of inflicting severe pain as an act of punishment, forcing information or confession. We all know that Europe in the dark ages was very creative when it came to means of tormenting the human body and not only. Everybody knows horrific stories or has seen movies but seeing all this instruments in a museum is still impressive. Even if torture is not a very relaxing holiday attraction, visiting this museum in Amsterdam would be a great idea if you need a reminder of how cruel people can be.

Designed to attract tourists, this place looks like the dungeons of a middle age castle and you walk along a narrow corridor with different torture devices and detailed explanations on each side.  Some are more horrible than others and you can’t help to shiver when imagining the pain those people might have felt when tortured on those atrocious devices. One can’t help but wonder if the items displayed there are the real thing or just reproductions, if people actually suffered on those machines people admire now in a museum.

Interesting is that even now some countries use torture as a method of punishing or obtaining information. I wonder how much time will pass until their devices will be displayed in a museum we will visit during our holiday.

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