The Royal Palace. Amsterdam

To get the most out of a visit in a city from a new country you need to emerge yourself a bit in its history and traditions. You will understand why a country is the way it is only after understanding its past. If your holiday takes you in Amsterdam, take a few hours and visit the Royal Palace in the town center.

The interior of the palace is extremely beautiful and in order to understand the most out of this place we recommend you take an audio guide to accompany you through your experience. You will be able to admire beautiful sculptures, amazing paintings and luxurious furniture that will remind you of fairytales.

You will learn that the palace was built as the town hall and many of the rooms inside had an administrative purpose. You will also find out about how the idea of the Netherlands insurance system was born and how the city hall functioned. There are also a lot of interesting legends waiting to be discovered.

Now, the palace belongs to the royal family and apart from being a museum it is used for states visit and official ceremonies.

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