Red Light District. Amsterdam

Your shyness will definitely be cured with a trip to Amsterdam. Among the amazing things you might do there, the Red Light District is a place you should never miss even if you don’t plan to enjoy all its features.

It is interesting to visit those streets during the evening when the red lights turn on. Try to be respectful and keep in mind that photos are not allowed. The people who work there need to be protected. You will see that the ladies in the windows are all ages, races and sizes and all of them will try to lure you in.

Be very careful if you chose to experience anything in that district, some ladies are not ladies and some will try to charge you more than expected.

Besides that, there are a lot more attractions at the district. Maybe you want to have fun browsing a sex shop or maybe, if you have the guts, see a live sex show. You can even grab a bear at a café and simply watch the people on the streets.

All in all, the experience of just visiting the place is priceless and it will leave amazing memories forever.

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