Heineken Experience. Amsterdam

Heineken is a Dutch beer since 1873. For sure, at least once in your life, you’ve tasted the bear or at least you’ve seen a bottle in a shop, the brand dates back from 1873. If you find yourself wandering the streets of Amsterdam in an amazing holiday, go and try out the Heineken experience at the museum created in the brand’s honor.

The curators named the place Heineken Experience and not museum, because the level of interaction offered is greater than in a museum. The visitors will learn hands on the process of creating a bottle of bear from the begging till the moment the refreshing bottle is on the table of a pub or in your fridge.

You will learn all about the brewing process and how the ingredients are selected in order to preserve the standard quality of the Dutch beer. You will learn about its 150 years history and all about this craftsmanship.

Enjoy all the interactive activities designed for your fun and even create your own bottle to take at home as a souvenir. End your visit with a taste of this world famous beer and enjoy images from all around the planet where Heineken is so very popular.


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