Relaxed smoking. Amsterdam

A few days in Amsterdam will make you feel free and full of life. A holiday there will be amazing and there are some things you might want to try like smoking cannabis. Even if the substance is legal, there are some simple rules to respect that will keep you safe and will ensure great fun.

First of all, never buy drugs on the streets from individuals who approach you. The drugs are most probably not drugs, or they have dangerous chemicals added on them, and you might even get robbed. Just ignore people who approach you in dark alleys.
Also, try to smoke only in coffee shops. There are more than 300 for every taste and style. There you will have the proper setting for your relaxing night. Don’t get wasted on the streets, locals will not appreciate tourists who disrupt the peace in their city.
Be careful when you buy sweets and food of the streets, a lot of merchants will take advantage on your clouded judgment and will try to trick you into paying more money than the product deserve. Even if they give you a bill, they might still trick you since you don’t understand the language.
Finally, there is a lot more to Amsterdam than smoking. Try to enjoy all the city has to offer from culture, fashion, fun and nightlife.

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