Fun at the Farm. Woodstock, Vermont

If you get a bit nostalgic when you think about your grandparent’s farm, or your adventures as a child running around nature and playing with animals? Then perhaps it is time for a holiday in Woodstock, Vermont that will bring back the smile you had on your face as a child.

Founded in 1761, the charming town of Woodstock preserved much of its historical appearance. Tourists can admire a lot of Georgian and Federal buildings and the town reaches its maximum beauty during autumn when the falling leaves create picturesque scenery.

You can choose to stay at a farm where you will experience the country side way of living with fresh homemade food and relaxing in the garden or you can choose a more fancy hotel that still preserves the cozy atmosphere.

For sure you will never get bored. You can do all sorts of outdoor activities like gloving, tennis or hiking, or maybe if you feel you have the courage try some canoeing. If you like fishing there are also some fishing sites where you can relax by a lake or a river.

When you come to Woodstock for your holiday you will remember for sure the beautiful places and the nice people.


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