Cuban Adventures

Cuba, the biggest island in the Caribbean, consists in 14 provinces that are perfect destinations for your exotic holiday. Its beauty is recognized by anyone who ever saw the picture of Che Guevara, smocked a cigar or saw a postcard with the old city of Havana. Beautiful historical sites, old architecture and relaxing beaches are just parts of what Cuba has to offer. The best moment to visit this Country is from December to May, the weather is not too hot and there is no threat of hurricanes.

Start your trip with the city of Havana, the capital of the country that seems to be frozen in history. The interesting colonial architecture, the vintage cars and giant monuments are to be discovered by foot and with enthusiasm. Mix with the locals, ask them about the legends of the city and for sure you won’t be disappointed.  The atmosphere in the city is vivacious and the walks very romantic, lose yourself in the city and try to experience its beauty in the most relaxing possible way.

Continue your trip by visiting Trinidad, one of the cities that best preserves the colonial Spanish architecture. The city can be toured by foot or by carriage and the beautiful streets transport you hundreds of years in the past. Pastel painted houses, cobblestone streets, and small cafes are the delight of any tourist. Also, the area around the city is renowned for eco-tourism, a big part of Cuban economy.

If you want just to stay in the sun, choose Varadero one of the largest resort areas in Cuba. The name stands for “blue beach”. There you can find high class resorts, beautiful restaurants and perfect beaches.  Also, there are a lot of natural attractions close by like caves, small islands you can access easily and coral reefs. The resort welcomes almost 1 million visitors each year and most of them are Canadians and Europeans.

Another idyllic location you can visit in Cuba is Baracoa, a place where tourism is not so developed and where nature is still unspoiled. The place has a rustic feel and nature lovers can visit the nearby Parque Nacional Alejandro de Humboldt, a UNESCO World Heritage Site for the natural wonders that it preserves like flora and fauna.

Finally, there are a lot more places you can visit in Cuba and there are endless choices to have an extraordinary holiday; you only need to learn a bit of Spanish, put on a big smile and start exploring.

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