Cuba. You didn’t know

When on holiday in Cuba there are a few fun facts that will be nice conversation starters and will help you get the most out of your experience.

Cuba. You didn't know.

  • In 1492 Christopher Columbus landed in Cuba and claimed the island for the Kingdom of Spain. Cuba. You didn't know.
  • Viewed from above the island looks like a crocodile, locals refer to the island as El Cocodrilo. Cuba. You didn't know.
  • Cuba imports over 3 quarters of all the food.
  • The Cuban cuisine is a delicious mix between Spanish and Caribbean food.
  • Officially Cuba is an atheist state but most of the people are catholic. Cuba. You didn't know.
  • Internet is not allowed in Cuba. There are a few people who use it and if you use it without permission you may get 5 years in jail.
  • When you want cigars you should ask for havanas and cigarros are cigarettes. Cuba. You didn't know.
  • Ernest Hemingway wrote “The Old Man and The Sea” and “For whom the Bell Tolls” while he was living in Cuba.
  • Bacardi Rum was born in Cuba and after that moved to Puerto Rico.
  • There are nine World Heritage sites in this small island.

Cuba. You didn't know. Cuba. You didn't know. Cuba. You didn't know.

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