Moscow – the world’s richest city

Russia is by far a country that prouds itself with the heritage and with the capacity of preserving the traditional way of living. One must not forget that this does not mean that it is not modern. Out of the contrary, it took everything good from the modern and contemporary times, and preserved the best it could take from the past.

A good example that sustains all of the above is the capital of Russia – Moscow.

Moscow by night

It is a city that dates before 1147 – from the time of kings and prince. Nowadays, Moscow is the capital of Russia. It is located in central Russia on the banks of the Moskva River. Most of the inhabitants of Moscow are Russians – that is over ninety percentages, but there are as well Ukrainian, Jews, Armenian, Georgian, Moldovan, Mordvin, Chechen, Vietnamese, Chinese, Chuvash and others. However, there are as well a great number of people, which hold residency or visa for a certain period of time, and are allowed to stay in Russia.

Besides of being the most populous cities in Europe, it represents Russia in all its senses. It is Russia’s political, economical, financial, educational and transportation main center. What makes it so appealing? The architecture is one of the things that Moscow has to show one, when coming here. The architecture has an entire history to tell – while in the past, the design was most made of concentric walls, from the middle of the 15th century, when Italian architects began to make something out of their presence there, the city started catching an aura of renaissance. When Stalin came to power, the architecture changed completely and for this, some of the oldest constructions of Moscow needed to be demolished.  That era was that of skyscrapers, leaving behind all the architecture that once was representative for Moscow. These are characterized by massive constructions.

Looking at the architecture, one will be able to observe such attractions as the Moscow Kremlin, the Red Square, the Poklonnaja Mountain, St. Basil’s Cathedral, the Cathedral of Christ the Savoir, the Mausoleum, the Bolshoy Theatre, the Kuskovo Estate.

Moscow Kremlin

The Red Square

The Bolshoi Theater

Kuskovo Palace

The Cathedral of Christ the Savior

St. Basil’s Cathedral

Anyhow, what makes it sensational these days is that according to the latest Forbes top, Moscow is one of the richest cities in the world, being in top five as far as the number of billionaires concerns. The Russian capital is the proud “owner” of 79 billionaires in number. This makes it number one in the entire world. It even surpasses the New York billionaires’ total number. Some of the wealthiest inhabitants of Moscow are magnates like Alexei Mordashov, Roman Abramovich, Vladimir Lisin, Oleg Deripaska, Viktor Vekselberg and many others.

What is the main thing that attracts these people to live in Russia? According to some reviews the most important thing for a person of this caliber is the standard of living. In Russia is equal or even greater than in any other rich cities, and moreover, the rules are respected and economy is less feeble.

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    Richest city? I think not. I doubt it makes top 10.