Moscow – the Bolshoi Theater restoration

Moscow’s Bolshoi Theater was born in the middle of the 1700s. it was then a private theater of the Moscow most known prosecutor – Prince Pyotr Urusov. However, with the appearance of the empress Catherine the 2nd, the Theater could be used for organizing performances, balls and other forms that could entertain the people those days.

The founding of the Bolshoi Theater helped the cultural life from those days and so does nowadays. Back then the Theater’s Opera and troupe formed a single company. The place where it stands now it is not the first place that it stood on, as it was first built on the right Bank of the River Neglinka. This first building, after having passed through many owners’ hands, was burnt down in the beginnings of 1800s.

The new building started in 1820 and it was intended to become one of the most known and well done architectural pieces from the square and the adjacent streets. In different works of that times, it was said to be “pioneering piece of architecture, a huge building, built with great taste, with a flat roof and imposing portico, surmounting which is an alabaster Apollo, standing motionless on one leg in an alabaster chariot, and driving three alabaster horses while gazing with annoyance at the Kremlin wall which jealously cuts him off from Russia’s ancient and sacred monuments!” finally. It was opened in 1825. The big opening ceremony encountered it with its new name – the Bolshoi Petrovsky Theater – “Bolshoi” comes from the word “big” as it was considerable bigger than its predecessor. Unfortunately, a fire broke out and the immense building just burned for three days continuously.

The architect Alberto Cavos won the competition for restoring the building and in May 1855 they began. By the middle of 1856 the Theater opened its doors again. It was then thought to be one of the best theaters in the entire world.

During the years to come it was restored continuously each time they thought something was not ok, or each time that something just broke down. The last restoration started in 2005 and finished in 2011. This last reconstruction and refurbishment was a grand work where even the President of Russia from 2009 got implicated. Despite of the colossal work that was put forth in these six years, the building’s appearance from early times, had to be preserved.

As a result, people from all over the world have one of the finest and most professional team helping them have a relaxing night out. Each team – ballet one, opera one, orchestra one is made of people that like what they do and that offer the best show to the audience. On the date of October 24th 2011, the Bolshoi grand opening took place. The event complied a gala, where great names of the cultural life could be seen – such as Placido Domingo, Natalie Dessay, Violeta Urmana , Angela Gheorghiu. Due to the importance of this gala, there were no tickets sold, just invitations given to great people, but it could nevertheless, be seen live on TV.

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