London days. Thorpe Park

A holiday in London can’t be complete without an adventure in Thorpe Park. Just 20 miles away from the Central London, Thorpe Park is a theme park full of exciting thrills for the whole family. From fun rides for children to frightening roller coasters you will find something for everyone.

The Park was built in 1979 on a site partially flooded and its first major roller coaster was created in 2002- Colossus. This is a new roller coaster is ready for adventure seekers- The Swarm the tallest rollercoaster in Europe. There are 7 roller coasters for you to try; if you’ve got what it takes.

There are some interesting records held by this park. For example Colossus is the only roller coaster to feature then inversions, Stealth is the fastest in Europe, Tidal Wave was the highest water slide until 2002 and Saw is supposed to be the scariest ride.

There are also some cool water rides: team raft water slides, water slide racers and other pools with rides for small children. Also, family fun is assured by some less frightening rides for those not so courageous.

To get to the park there are plenty of transport links around the area. You can come by train, by bus or by car. For more information visit the official site



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